Neale bayly rides: Peru 2.0

Directed By: Will Johnson

In a country of vast beauty, majestic wonder & rich culture comes a story of strangers who would become friends. Friends with a love for adventure & a passion for giving. Join Neale Bayly, Christian Scranton & their team of riders as they travel through the Andes on a mission to bring awareness to the orphaned children of the Wellspring Foundation. Directed by Will Johnson 2015

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Party scars & prison Bars 2.5

Directed By: Will Johnson  (2016)

Party Scars & Prison Bars was six years in the making.. After years of touring & filming content with the band, Director Will Johnson gets an opportunity to expose all that unused footage & tell the story that is Darkest Hour. The film was released in 2016 with the release of their latest album Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora. The DVD also featured a video edit of their entire set while live at the Black Cat in Washington DC, their home town.

Produced by Media-Phi 

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Directed By: Will Johnson/  Starring: Paco Dietz (2021)

A detached & comfortable  mass of art enthusiasts will get a new perspective & deeper look into the true nature of art, its purpose & the power of being in front of it & in its presence. 


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